A Piano Lessons -A New Holistic Approach in Music Education

This E-Class is available only as a Private 1 to 1 Web-Class 🎹

Duration of each lesson:
45 minutes

Pricing: €20 for each 45 minutes lesson

Suitable For All ages - Minimum 4 years old

The method of the Holistic Approach 

Every student is different, with different Music Qualities and weaknesses and most importantly with different desires on the kind of music and songs he/she wants to eventually learn to play and share with others.
From Classical Music to Pop, Rock and Greek music and songs, what  matters is that all my students  experience a wide range of different music genres and music pieces and songs, that despite the fact that many of them were created hundreds of years apart - they All  have one thing in common! They All lasted in the passage of decades and centuries!
The answer to that is one of the main objectives of our E-Class because simply by experiencing together the process of LAL ( Listening - Analyzing - Learning ) a few of these beautiful compositions and songs ( only a few selected pieces by: J.S.Bach, Mozart, Beethoven up to the Mississippi Blues which lead to Jazz and The 60's and 70's with The Beatles and Manos Hatzidakis.These are just a few of the composers that will help us rediscover the reasons why all of these pieces lasted in the passage of time and centuries and why they will Always last! 
When that happens, your Musicality, your Music Perception and  perfotmance as a Piano Player regardless of your current level, will improve and evolve to higher levels for the rest of your life!
It will be Irreversible 

What you can achieve?
When we experience and we reach the objective, you as a student will be in the Musically mature position to choose the Music Genres which you truly Love! 
Not because a song may be considered cool due to its popularity - But because through your own personal experience via this E-Class you will be in the position to KNOW what TRULY Vibrates the correct Frequencies ( among other things ) within YOUR body and brain and that alone, will naturally result to a much higher level of Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness. 

There are only a few mechanical and technical in nature piano exercises that we will need to be going through, but all the rest are about what you will choose to make part of your own Personal Studying Profile and what you will decide to be focusing on. 
These will be discussed between myself, yourself and/or with your parent/s. 
For more information and for any kind of questions please call at:

📱+357 96 689254

Paris Fr. Meletiou

Composer / Pianist / Orchestrator / Music Technologist 

B.A Hons in Creative Music Technology - "University of BathSpa" - England 

Final Piano Performance degree -  "Guildhall School of Music and Drama"- England

Piano, Cello and Music Harmony Final degrees "The Royal School of Music" - England



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