Blockchain & Energy

About the Course:

Blockchains are between the most disrupting technologies today across multidisciplinary sectors that provide the means for embedding trust within a network of nodes. Among the various sectors that are being disrupted by the use of blockchain technologies, the energy sector has drawn the attention both on a research level as well as on a commercial one.
In this respect, the course provides the participant with a state-of-the-art overview of the applications and use cases of blockchains within the continuously evolving energy sector.

The course gives an overview of the regulatory and legislative framework of the energy sector and how that affects blockchain technology and its application in a day to day business.

With the development of the course, the participants will gain an understanding in blockchain technology, distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies and how all these can be utilized in the energy sector.

The course is a live-session course with Q&A’s from the participants, offering each student a better understanding on how they can individually, apply blockchain technology when necessary.

  • 18+ year old
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