We have pulled together for you the most popular questions we get asked.

You can click on the profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and click sign in. You will have a tab where you can select to either log in or register. Click on register and create an account, or log in to your account.

There are three types of accounts you can register.   1. Student   2. Teacher   3. School/Organisation administrator.    When registering an account, you can select the appropriate account type.

1. The student account is the basic account, which allows users to enroll in e-classes and to access material from the classes they participated in, as well as have access to offline classes posted by tutors.   2. The teacher account serves for tutors, providing them with tools to create e-classes and schedules, upload their material and interact via a variety of tools at their disposal available in-class.   3. The school/organisation administrator is intended for organisations that consist of many members, where the administrator can insert teachers/students or employees, create a school/working schedule. Any changes and add-ons can only be conducted by the administrator.

Upon creating a Listing and assigning it to a Time/Date on the Schedule, you will be asked about the Price you would like to designate.

Click on the profile icon and select "MY PROFILE" tab. The page of your profile will load. Scroll down and select the "EDIT PROFILE" tab.

Accessed features depend on the account type.

Student Account:

- Become a Tutor (Free)

- Enable Recordings

- Parental Control

Tutor Account (All Student features plus):

- Create and offer Lesson Listings (webinars, web-class, tutorials, e- workshops, etc.)

- Teach online with optional charging

- Whiteboard Drawing Tools

- Create Group

- Add External Courses

Minors can not create accounts. Minors have access to the platform only as Sub-accounts under their Parents who also determine which lessons the Minor will participate in.

All Sub-Accounts are created under a Parent Account. This Parent Account is responsible to select, pay and has the ability to monitor the e-classes selected by the sub-accounts. All minors are sub-accounts with an adult parent account, while certified minor members can receive certification for their onlline learning if offered. In the case that a sub-account is an adult, it is thus a sponsored sub-account which is financed and monitor by the corresonding parent account.

You can find online e-classes in the explore tab, where you can select categories of your interest and explore the offers. If you are searching for a specific tutor, go to the tab and click the tutor whose classes you would like to attend. Click on an available class and select BUY&ENROLL. 

There are group sessions, private sessions and webinars.

Group sessions have up to 6 students, with the camera, microphone and screensharing available to all present students, allowing a complete interaction between them.

Private sessions are limited to only one student and the tutor.

Webinars allow up to 20 students, where the session is more tutor-oriented and the students may use the microphone only when permission is given by the tutor. 

After you book your spot in an e-class, the e-class will be available at the time set by the Tutor, which you can enter via the profile icon, selecting the "ENTER CLASS ROOM" tab. The class will be available on the left side of the screen under the "MY CLASSES" title.

Once an offered Listing is selected, if it is priced, you will be taken via the Shopping Cart through the payment system. Payments are made through your Wallet Balance, so make sure your account is adequately financed. In the case of free Listings, you simply register and enjoy your learning. 

In MindSwaps there are 2 default levels of E-Classes / Webinars. Based on the level type the recording of the sessions is mandatory or optional.

  1. For E-Classes / Webinars where the access level is All ages, where also the minors are accepted, then the session is recorded by default.
  2. For E-Classes / Webinars where the access level is 18y +, then it lies on the tutor's decision if the session will be recorded.

To be able to access the recorded files, the E-Class Recording package must be activated. Once is activated you will be able access recorded files (Enter Classrooms, Expired Sessions) for all E-Classes where you or respective sub-account was participating. Same applies for the tutors as well.

This is a premium feature that must be selected. Once feature is selected you are allowed to create Sub-Accounts as a Parent Account. From then on, everty time you select a Listing, you will be asked if it is for you or your sub-account, denoting that only you can select and pay for your Minor or sub-account online learning. Additionally, you may audit all sub-account e-classes in real time, report tutor or even remove student from class, but never to interfere with the e-class. Additionally, access to recorded files and ability to rate the tutor/e-class is given.

Once your e-class is concluded, you will receive a message asking for your ratings and/or comments for the tutor and the e-class. You may fill in accordingly, it is optional.

When you want to sponsor and monitor someones education who is not a minor.

  1.  To send a link for your class to a user, make sure that the e-class status is active and that you determined the time it will be held through "MY TEACHING SCHEDULE" in the profile icon menu. Once you complete this, click on the "ADD & EDIT LISTINGS" through the profile icon and click on the classes title. The page of the class will open where students can enroll in your e-class.
  2.  Your students can enter in your classes by clicking on "TUTORS" in the main tab of the homepage. They should click on your profile where they can find all classes that you offer.



To join a group click on the profile icon on the top right corner and select "JOIN/VIEW GROUPS". From there you can enter a groups. If a group is private, you must have the internal or public access code from the group admin.

To create a group you must activate the Manage Business Group package. Visit your profile and under the Premium tab scroll down to activate it. Once activated you will be able to set acesses and settings for your group.