Pricing Structures

MindSwaps have nothing to hide! All prices are set strictly by the tutors. However there are some minimum charges they must to follow. For FREE sessions, the cost is applied on tutors, but MindSwaps is giving helping hand with intial credit! Let's find it out!

Standard Tutor Accounts (Schools excluded)

Non FREE Sesions (minimum prices)
Private (1x1)
  • 30 Min 5.00 SWAPS
  • 1 Hour 10.00 SWAPS
  • 2 Hours 20.00 SWAPS
Group Web Classes
  • 30 Min 1.00 SWAPS
  • 1 Hour 5.00 SWAPS
  • 2 Hours 10.00 SWAPS
  • 30 Min 1.00 SWAPS
  • 1 Hour 2.50 SWAPS
  • 2 Hours 5.00 SWAPS
Offline External Courses
  • There is no price restriction on the external courses from the MindSwaps side.
  • Stardard on each sell is applied, based on your commission level.
  • For FREE courses fix 0.50 SWAPS charge is applied against the tutor's account first on credit and only afterwards on the balance level.

As a Tutor you are allowed to provide also FREE live sessions. If you will decide to do so, then the minimum cost (commission) will be charged against your account.

To be able to start without any cost, every Tutor account is given 50 SWAPS credit which can be used only for providing FREE live sessions. The CREDIT cannot be used for any purchases and is not withdrawable

Once your credit is used and you are still willing to provide FREE sessions, the charges will be based on very simple logic.

Example your commission level is at 10%
  • For every enrollment you will sell, the MindSwaps will earn 10%
  • 10 enrollments on 1 hr Group Session = 10 x 5.00 = 50 SWAPS
  • MindSwaps will earn 10% of 50 SWAPS = 5 SWAPS
  • You will receive 45 SWAPS

And how it will be if you will be offering the Group Session for FREE?
  • Student will be not charged
  • MinswSwaps will deduct 5 SWAPS from your account.
  • Deduction will be made first from credit you have received, and only aferwards from your balance.

Quick Summary
  • You have received 50 SWAPS credit
  • You will be able to provide only by using credit 8 Group Sessions of 1 hr with 6 students each. (total 48 people)
  • ---- OR ----
  • By using the credit only, you can run 10 Webinars of 1 hr with 20 students each (total 200 people)
Quantity discount

As it was mentioned above, when offering FREE sessions, from the tutor's account the corresponding commissions are deducted. Hovewer at MindSwaps we are rewarding high quality and frequent content providers and every month we will return portion of the deductions if the following criteria's are met.

  • 0-30 hrs/month No refund
  • 30-60 hrs/month 10% refund
  • 60-90 hrs/month 25% refund
  • 90+ hrs/month 50% refund

Note: This policy is applied only if the charges has been made against the balance and not the credit

School Organisations

Group E-Classes
  • 1 Hour FREE
  • 2 Hours FREE
  • 1 Hour FREE
  • 2 Hours FREE

Schools due to the non-commercial and closed environment model, have no charges on students at all.

Commission and activation charges are applied stricly on School Admin Account. More about school structures can be found here.

Commissions charges
  1. Every enrollment for 1 hour Webinar will be charged by 0.01 SWAPS
  2. Every enrollment for 1 hour Group Session will be charged by 0.05 SWAPS
  3. Every enrollment for 2 hours Webinar will be charged by 0.02 SWAPS
  4. Every enrollment for 2 hours Group Session will be charged by 0.10 SWAPS

All deductions will be against the credit and afterwards the balance. School organisation have applied 500 SWAPS credit

Non executed sessions will be refunded automatically. In the case that we will detect during the session clearance that there was no execution, all reserved comissions will be refunded.

Example conversion for monthly charge for webinar
  • 24 School Classes
  • Every class 20 students
  • Total students 480
  • 6 hours a day
  • 2880 hours a day
  • 57600 hours in month

  • 57600 hours in month * 0.01 = 576 SWAPS
  • 576/480 = 1.20 SWAPS / student / Mo

Activation Cost

1000.00 SWAPS / Year

3 months FREE period with 500 SWAPS credit for registrations until 30.05.2020

Premium Packages

Parental Control

  • Only you can pay/set E-Classes for Minor Accounts
  • You can monitor any online/offline activity of the Minor Account
  • You can directly communicate with the Tutor
  • You can add reviews on E-Classes enrolled for the Minor Account you are parenting or sponsoring
  • Minor Account users are not allowed to make any changes in their profile
20.00 SWAPS / Year

Note: The parental control activation is per child account. More about parental control can be found here.

1 year FREE for registrations until 30.05.2020

E-CLass / Webinar Recording

  • E-Classes / Webinars where below 18y students are allowed, are recoded by default
  • For E-Classes / Webinars where allowance is for students above 18y only, the recording is decided by the tutor.
  • When enrolling the session, it is always displayed if the recording is available.
  • Get access to all completed E-Classes
  • View recorded sessions anytime
  • Download recorded video and audio files
  • Review all chats and uploaded files
  • Parent Accounts must have enabled this feature in order to access the recorded files.
30.00 SWAPS / Year

1 year FREE for registrations until 30.05.2020

Drawing Tools

  • Enabled White-boards (Drawing Tools) in E-Class / Webinar (not available in FREE sessions)
75.00 SWAPS / Year

1 year FREE for registrations until 30.05.2020

External Offline Courses

  • Attach unlimited external offline courses to your listing
  • Manage availability, pricing, dates
  • 2 min API implementation.
  • One click enrollments for the students.
400.00 SWAPS / Year

1 year FREE for registrations until 30.05.2020

Manage Business Group

  • Setup Private Business Account
  • Allow Network Access
  • E-Classes available only to members with Network Access
  • Network Owners have monitoring access to all E-Classes within the network.
  • Internal and Public access codes can be provided.
  • Network Tutors require Internal access.
  • Set Tutor Commission for direct payment.
  • More about MindSwaps Groups can be found here.
200.00 SWAPS / Year

1 year FREE for registrations until 30.05.2020