Parental Control

We allow you to filter your child's exposure and monitor their online learning, in real time and post-e-class!

In order to protect our kids and have proper control over the educational process, minor accounts are not able to enroll in any e-class. Enrollments and purchases can only take place via the Parent Account.

Let's see how it works.

  1. Minor Accounts can only be enabled through a Student or Tutor Account.
  2. Once registered, you can find the Parental Control section within your Profile.
  3. Within the Parental Control section, you can generate a Minor Account by clicking on Create Sub-Account and manage the Minor Profile.
  4. Whenever enrolling in E-Classes, the Parental Account will be asked to specify which user is to be enrolled into the E-Class (the Parent or Minor).
  5. Upon login, Minor Accounts ONLY have access to Enter E-Class and start online learning.
  6. Parental Account access allows Real Time Monitoring, Flagging, Reporting and Student Removal as per the discretion of the parent.
  7. Upon completion of the E-Class, Parental Accounts have access to the E-Class History and, if enabled, audio and visual E-Class Recordings.
Note: Parental and Minor Accounts registered under Schools have access to recorded lessons by default.