Become a tutor

Become an online Tutor, Group or School, teaching from home has never been easier!

With tools like interactive whiteboards, chatrooms, webinars, screensharing, live feeds, content sharing, manipulation and more, we allow teachers to enter the online teaching world as individual tutors or as part of an organized institution, school or larger organization.

We help you speak your mind!

Tutors in MINDSWAPS can be separated into 2 + 1 main categories.

Standard Tutor account:
  1. Create your Listing/Teaching Subject to act as a visual description of the E-Class offered
    for students. Unless the E-Class is marked as Available, it is not publicly visible.
  2. Fill in details to determine student age group, price, E-Class type (Group based or Private (1X1)), Webinar, and more, for each individual E-Class
  3. Once the Listing is created, you can set your TEACHING SCHEDULE to determine time and date, acting as a calendar showing the availability of your E-Classes / Webinars.
  4. You can set repeated E-Classes / Webinars for up to 90 days in advance with one click.
  5. Each E-Class / Webinar session when allowed for the below 18y old students is automatically recorded on our servers, available for your viewing upon activating the Enable Recordings feature.
  6. When E-Class / Webinar is set for the above 18y audience, tutor can decide if the session should be recorded or not.
  7. Tutors can offer FREE E-Classes / Webinars for Students, provided the minimum charge, where applicable, is funded.
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Groups are an ideal setup for established educational brands with multiple tutors, businesses conducting company training, and even customized groups that require exclusivity. Educational institute, business or any other group of affiliates requesting privacy, we house your needs.
  1. Group Administrators can grant 2 types of access to the Group, Internal and Public.
  2. Members with Internal Access can enroll in all Group E-Classes / Webinars for free, while members granted Public Access can pay and enroll in the E-Class / Webinars. Free-for-all option is also available.
  3. Groups Administrators can employ Tutors outside their Group to teach under their brand by granting them Internal Access and appointing their commission.
  4. Group Administrators have full control, can monitor in real-time, cancel sessions and even revoke access to granted members throughout all E-Class sessions.

MINDSWAPS, because we mind your own business!


With MINDSWAPS, we’re back to school!
  1. Complete vertical transformation of your Educational School Organization into a modern Online School.
  2. Main admin account
    • Setup Profile
    • Create and manage School Classes
    • Create Teacher Accounts with School Access
    • Create Student Accounts with corresponding Parental Accounts ! *
    • Create Teaching Subjects
    • Optional mass CSV registration of Students, Parents and Teachers
    • Easily assign and re-assign teacher to and from scheduled sessions
    • Move Students between Classes easily
  3. School Teachers
    • View all assigned sessions in their Teaching Schedule or E-Class / Webinar section.
    • Manage the session Presence
    • Appoint Exersise Files PER SESSION
  4. Students & parents
    • Automatic Registration of Parent Account when Student Account is created
    • Parents fully manage their corresponding Student Account(s), whose access is restricted strictly to E-Class / Webinar sessions
    • Parental real-time monitoring without intervention rights of all Student live sessions

Recording and Offline Features

  • Every session is recorded on the server side
  • FREE access to all recorded video and audio files, chat history, exercise files, etc. to assigned students.
  • Student assignment and session access is based on enrollment characteristics (Class, Member Type, etc.)